Kai Yat      Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

About Kai Yat

Kai Yat Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a well-established company in the apparel accessories industry. As one of the leading manufacturers in Asia, we provide professional and reliable services to our clients all over the world.

Our expertise is to convert your functional ideas of hangers, buttons and metal trims into merchandise products to fulfill end customer’s desire. Also, our assemble-to-order process allows more flexibility to you as production lead time is shortened and products are in good quality.

Since 1988, we have developed both a strong management team and skillful workforce of over 300 employees in Hong Kong and China. Our headquarter is located in Hong Kong and we have a 35,000sq. feet factory premises in China which allows us to maintain cost-effective production and remain competitiveness in global market.

Owning more than 25 units of injection machines in our hangers production department, our production capacity of hanger could reach 25,000 dozen hangers per day. We also have our moulding department equipped with 15 units of various kinds of highly technical machines.

In addition, we are using the latest technologies imported from Germany and Italy to improve the shaping, drilling, dyeing and finishing of our button products. More than 70 units of button machines are involved in button production department which bring our production capacity of button up to 60,000 grosses per day.

Also we are having 70 units of brass punching and alloy injection machines for making metal trims. Our daily production of metal button around 20,000 grosses.

For over 20 years in apparel accessories industry, our business has continued to thrive on innovation and quality. We understand high quality customer service and continuous support to our customers are essential elements for successful business in today’s dynamic environment. And we will keep our mind open to the 20 century’s world. Think new product to suit our customer’s needs.